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About PeakEssence

About the Products We Sell

I think like a lot of businesses that have some sort of a conscience, we want to offer our customers products that reduce stress, increase longevity, open the heart and make you feel good!  PeakEssence is all about putting a collection of products together for you that when used in combination will lead you toward your peak essence.

So we have some items that lighten the heart and the spirit, some that energize your body so that you aspire to greatness and the cycle wouldn’t be complete without the right products to help bring you down into a state of peace and relaxation.

Our focus is three-fold: We want to bring you the best value that we can, we want to curate our selection in order to offer a complete experience to our customers, and finally we want the business to stand for something that not only us but you too can be proud of.


Why We Raise Money for Causes

The statistics are not good.  There’s obviously a lot of trouble and suffering in the world, both abroad and right here in the US too.  It doesn’t make sense to us that so many important work done for the betterment of society is underfunded, and we realize the great opportunity businesses have to effect positive change in the world, all while being profitable and bringing value to our customers.

To this end, we pick a few causes throughout the year and collect funds through product sales that we donate to the nonprofits and causes we feature here at PeakEssence.

Our motivation here is to give our customers yet another opportunity to vote with your dollars and make a difference right now, in the midst of your shopping experience.  It takes some effort to navigate to a nonprofit website in order to make a donation, so we decided to make it easier for you.  Though your donation is not tax-deductible, it is very important and makes a difference, which is really the point right?  And by keeping the donation per purchase small, you hardly notice how much you’re helping!


We Are an ApuforLife Store- Learn about the main Company

PeakEssence is operated by ApuforLife LLC.  Apuforlife is a positive impact shell company that operates a commercial co-venture network at Support4Good.com.  We own a few e-commerce stores in addition to this one that participate in the Support4Good program. ApuforLife, through Support4Good offers affiliate accounts to nonprofits.  Once a nonprofit has joined, they can send customers to any of our stores and receive up to 20% commissions on all of their referral customer purchases.  In this way we strive to offer yet another angle to extract value for those who really need it through our stores.  PeakEssence was developed with Women’s Shelters and Family Domestic Abuse shelters in mind, but of course any nonprofit that wants to partner with any of our stores is fine by us.


About Justin ClineAbout Us Page, Justin image

Hi, I’m Justin (Andy) Cline, the owner and founder of ApuforLife and our collection of e-commerce stores.  Early in my life, I discovered two things that were very meaningful to me: the act of creation (creativity) and a sense that social justice was not being met.  After more than a decade of working in the entertainment and fashion industries, I decided to build a business that could give back.

I sincerely thank you for taking the time to visit the shop.



PeakEssence/ApuforLife, LLC.